Current Projects

Christmas day 2016 marked the release of "Cave of Arising Dreams", an album of rich and diverse soundscapes.  "Cave of Arising Dreams" is a sonic journey from the streets of Paris to the sacred land of India, from the beautiful sounds of the natural world to the intimacy of solo piano.  

Following "Stillness" and "Healing Hope", released December 2015 was the third album from Music and Mantra Studio, "In Deep".   "In Deep" is a journey into the sacred space of the heart, a place that inspires unity and calm, a place of infinite possibility. The title track is a duet with the soulful and haunting vocalizations of humpback whales. For Anne, it was a deeply moving piece to create.  "I found it very powerful to work with these sounds because of their inherent beauty, and the nobility and grace of these huge creatures. I felt their spirit in the studio with me, guiding me through the composing process".  Dive in to the smooth… sensuous… inviting waters… and bathe in the melodious vibrations of 'In Deep'.

While continuing to teach and perform, Anne's next solo compositional journey is an album of children's meditation music, due to be released in the summer of 2017.  "Yoga and meditation is being introduced to children in school and after school programs, and is having tremendously positive results.  Just like adults, kids need to be supported in finding ways to deal with stress and anxiety.  This music is composed and produced specifically for that purpose, with melodic, chordal, and rhythmic patterns that flow smoothly and easefully, supporting deep relaxation and inner calm".

Inspired by her passion for the ancient yogic tradition of India, Anne, in partnership with Fred Ghatala have created the group, Jambhavan. Chanting sacred sanskrit mantras in a call and response pattern for an extended period of time is a practice that helps calm the mind and support meditation.  Jambhavan plays chanting events in and around Vancouver and has released a CD of meditative soundscapes called "Stillness".  Jambhavan released the live album "Wholehearted" in the winter of 2017, and is poised for a summer of kirtan dates.  Stayed tuned!